How To Change Wifi Password On Ipad

14/12/2014 · Hmm. An Xfinity router. That means you got it through Verizon, right? I'd call them and ask them how to change the password. You should have received some kind of … […]

How To Build A High Hp Diesel Engine

24/02/2006 Upgrades and Aftermarket - 6.0L Engine Upgrading or adding OEM or aftermarket equipment to your 2003-Up Super Duty or Excursion with 6.0L Power Stroke diesel engine. Please confine discussion of topics in this forum to those items that are specific to the 6.0L Power Stroke engine. […]

How To Delete Your Google Account On Your Phone

This article will provide you with a complete guide on how to delete Google account from phone easily as well as how you can delete Google search history from your phone just as an added bonus to help you reclaim some storage space or keep your search history private. Part 1. How to Delete Google or Gmail Account from Phone ; Part 2. How to Delete Google Search History from Phone; Part 1. […]

Youtube How To Build A Shed Roof

A gable shed roof is a simple construction that has vertical and horizontal beams. Attach an elevated beam in the middle of the vertical beam. This beam would have to be perpendicular to the horizontal beams. The elevated beam can be as high as you want it. Generally, 2½ or 3 feet is ideal for a shed roof. […]

How To Clean Rifle Scope

The cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes should be carried out in a room dedicated for this purpose. Between cases Before the instrument is removed from the light source/video processor, the air/water channel should be flushed for at least 15 seconds to expel any blood, mucus or other debris. […]

How To Eat Herring In Wine Sauce

12/05/2016 · How to cook Brill with Red Wine Sauce - Gordon Ramsay Recipe -cookery show - easy to cook A typical Dutch delicacy is eat raw herring ( with subtitles) - Duration: 1:59. Hollandswimming […]

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar How To Connect To Tv

Since our Tv was also Sony, the code for the DVD player must have been first in the code list. We unplugged the Blu-Ray so that the only Sony product was the tv. I think that helped the problem too. We unplugged the Blu-Ray so that the only Sony product was the tv. […]

How To Change Your Twitter Username 2014

11/05/2017 How to change Facebook name in7 days no need to wait for 60 days 2014 (100%working trick) 2:48 How To Delete Skype Username History How To Remove Skype Username […]

How To Clean Cheek Piercings

Cheek piercing is a facial piercing done through the cheek. This is a somewhat rare piercing that is typically done on both sides of the face. Cheek piercings can look very effective, particularly when they make it seem like the person has dimples. Cheek piercings can be very sensitive so it is crucial to get pierced by an experienced piercer who has plenty of experience with this piercing […]

How To Delete Pay Calendar Xero

There is no way to distinguish between archived and active Pay Calendars via the API. An argument could be made for excluding them from this API call all together. At the very least there should be a way to tell if a Calendar is archived or not. […]

Galaxy 7 How To Create A Seprate Work Section

Is it possible to have separate icons for different email accounts on Galaxy S4 while using only one client? Majority of smartphone owners have at least two email accounts that they actively use. […]

How To Choose A Dpi

2/04/2014 · Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. […]

How To Create Individual Headers In Word 2010

In the parent template, use the Microsoft Word functionality to add visible headers for all the parent template sections. Do the same for all sections in your child template. Place your cursor at the place in the parent template where you want to insert the child template's content and use Word functionality to add a Next Page section break. On the HotDocs tab, click INSERT Field. Next to the […]

Golf R How To Clear Errors

VW GOLF MK6 R20 LED CLEAR RED Style Tail lights VW VI 6 GTD GTI - DEPO BRAND - $399.99. BRAND NEW VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 6 R LED CLEAR RED STYLE TAIL LIGHTS VW VI 6 GTD GTI-Sorry! price offer are not available, please do not send price offer.-Not compatible Golf model with genuine LED tail lightsNO CODING NECESSARY!! ERROR-FREE / PLUG & PLAY!!**** WE […]

How To Create Folder In Active Directory

Active Directory. Active Directory group policy not creating user folder for mapped drive policy is not creating the folder for the user before applying the group policy. Thus the policy fails. If I manually create the folder for the user in the share it works. How do I get the group policy to create the folder based off the users AD username first? Kind Regards Aaron Status Solved […]

How To Cook Turkey Breast In Electric Skillet

13/12/2017 Put the turkey in the pan breast side up. Season the skin.Cover with a vented lid.Roast @ 350 degrees until the thermometer in the thickest part of the breast says 180 degrees. 30 min. before turkey is done, remove lid to allow browning. Get out an electric knife and carve on a cutting board or a […]

How To Change Gmail Name And Password

21/09/2016 How to change you Gmail password using the 2016 Gmail user interface. How to Change Gmail Name in Android Mobile - Duration: 5:12. Dream View 501,878 views. 5:12. How to Change Your Primary […]

How To People Develop Rare Strains Of Fruit

Fruit Types and Classification of Fruits Introduction Although most of us have a good idea what fruits and vegetables are when we eat them, it would be difficult provide a definition for someone of just what makes one food a vegetable and another a fruit. […]

How To Become A Barber Melbourne

TRADITIONAL MELBOURNE BARBERSHOPS, TUCKED AWAY IN THE BACK STREETS. WE SPECIALISE IN CLASSIC BARBERSHOP SERVICES, AND SOLID BARBERSHOP BANTER. Beginning with owner Fabian Sfamenis extensive barbering career in Melbourne and the United States over the last 25 years, Uncle Roccos first barbershop opened in Port Melbourne back in 2012. […]

How To Change Color Of Chrome

10/02/2015 · In this video i will be showing you how to change the look of Google Chrome to make it how you like it! If you can like share or even subscribe that would be great! […]

How To Add Trendline In Power Bi

6/06/2015 · We are planning to create power view report that has bar and line charts on same graph. Could you please let us know whether it is feasible in Power View & how to add trend line in power view . Thanks, Sandeep. · This is not possible with Power View. It is possible with Power BI (Online at See image below. Please vote […]

How To Clean Pinlock Lens

9/01/2017 · The bad is that the pinlock lenses are very fragile and sensitive to blemishes and scratches, I found out the hard way. Second, kind of a pain to install and remove. Third, cleaning is timely and requires waiting for them to air dry. Lastly, optically they suck. They are somewhat hazy and distorted. I have 20/10 vision and see these optical shortfalls easily and find it distracting. I've also […]

How To Create Your Playlist On Youtube

To start using this extension, right-click a title and select the Add To YouTube Player option. Alternatively users can also play the video immediately and add a specific video as the next video by selecting the appropriate options from the context menu. […]

How To Change Your Skin In Mineshafter

5/05/2013 · Now just put your skin in there, make sure it is named "char.png". I hope this helped! I hope this helped! Source(s): I actually own the game, but I sometimes change my skin this way when I play offline due to no internet or the Minecraft skin server being down. […]

How To Clean Burner Rings On Stove

Does anyone have any non-toxic options for cleaning those aluminum/alloy rings that sit under the burners on gas stove tops? They are removable so I could soak them in something (hot soapy water doesn't cut it) - Any ideas? […]

How To Add Ships To Navy Joi4

Help - I am trying to add a ship (HMY Osborne) to the Royal Navy Ships and failing badly. asked Dec 28, 2017 in WikiTree Help by David Klynkramer G2G1 ( 1,620 points) +7 votes […]

How To Draw A Trumpet Youtube

4 Draw a long line down from the small circle and parallel to the guideline to create the narrow stem of the trumpet flower. 5 Create the trumpet body of the flower. Draw a curved line from the side edge of the circle up to the side edge of the oval. […]

How To Change Movie File Icon On Mac

I can't remember where I got the GIF Movie Gear Icon File however it is an .icns file that I renamed to AutomatorApplet.icns in the application bundle replacing the original. Notes: I do not have any ICO files to test with, so I can't say whether or not that file type is supported directly and if not, then it will need to be converted into a supported type. […]

How To Change Dlc Shogun 2

Total War Shogun 2 Full Version PC Game Download In Direct Download Total war Shogun 2 PC Game Highly Compressed For Windows 7 64 Bit Download For Free. Total War Shogun 2 Review: Moreover, Total war shogun 2 fall of the samurai is the most latest Version Released in 2016 By Sega Company of gaming online pay. […]

How To Create Hdfc Netbanking

[wp_ad_camp_1] Today i am going to explain you talk about hdfc netbanking & hdfc NetBanking Login well, its basically an online banking. Here you can make transactions from your account without having to go to any bank branch. […]

How To Build Electric Motorcycle Conversion

This motor was designed to make the gas to electric motorcycle conversion easy, with such features as a 60mm O.D. hollow axle designed to accept the standard bolt axle used in almost all motorcycles. […]

How To Create An Online Rpg Game For Free

RPG designer tools, and especially RPG Maker, seem like a great way to create your own RPG’s. It’s currently the fastest and easiest way to get your game going, but at the cost of losing some fine tuned control. And of course, you can check out my own tool that’s currently in development, and allows you to create online RPG’s: […]

How To Make Myself Come

image. In almost all the cases the persons who get fainted will come back to its normal physical condition after few seconds- minutes after he will retire his blood supply to his brain. […]

How To Change Weed Eater Line

It is not too difficult -- you have to buy a new spool of the plastic line. Unplug or turn off the weed eater, and then carefully remove the old spool. Then you pull out a bit of the new spool so […]

Band Yarouze How To Clear A Song

7 – interlude III (INST) 8 – climber. A playful melody courtesy of the brass opens up “climber“. Expect to dance along to this song. This is the first time that ska has been a part of Terashima‘s sound. […]

How To Clean Yellowed Lace Wedding Dress

17/03/2015 · How to gently clean a vintage wedding dress by hand-washing at home with detergent and chlorine-free bleach. Obviously if you have any doubt about cleaning the fabric type see a specialized dry […]

How To Eat Yogurt When You Don& 39

And you dont believe it. But I am telling you grapes in plain Greek yogurt is a delicious combination that you have to try, just make sure every bite of yogurt has a grape in it too. I dare you to try it! With orange slices and/or grapes, no extra sugar (maple syrup or honey) is needed, as they are both juicy and sweet enough. Add a dash of honey or pure maple syrup (a dash!). You really […]

How To Turn Protection On Backup Drive

Turn on Backup Once you're signed in to a Microsoft account, make sure that automatic backups are activated on your phone to ensure that your photos, texts and app data are saved to OneDrive and can be restored - just in case. […]

How To Draw Tf2 Soldier

How to draw a Good Enough soldier . Three Tips . More than anything, the thing that says “soldier” to me in a drawing is the helmet. It’s bigger than the person’s head. It also rides low on the face. That’s why I start with drawing the face first. I think about it as a coffee cup with an ear for a handle, where the eyes of the face are going to go right to the top of that cup’s rim […]

How To Eat 1800 Cal To Loose Weight

There are many calorie calculators out there to help you understand how many calories should you be eating daily to lose weight. They start by calculating your base caloric requirement based on your age, weight, and activity level. Many calculators also use height to calculate your body mass index (BMI). Then, they report the number calories required to maintain your weight. […]

How To Connect Epson Wf 2510 To Computer

Connect the Ethernet cable to another port on the router. Make sure that all require devices are powered on when you start the network setup: All-In-One, computer, wireless router. If the IP address is, check if the automatic DHCP function on your router turned off - check the router/access point documentation for help on how to check this. […]

How To Build A Cupboard In A Wall

DIY: How to Build a Cabinet Inside the Wall - Love the idea of putting the towel racks inside the wall like this for several reasons - great for small bathrooms . Plus, I just like the way it frames the towels & makes them look "artsy". […]

How To Delete Multiple Contacts On Iphone 6 Plus

How to Switch Contacts Photos from HTC to iPhone 6. I purchased a new iPhone 6, and I decide to give my old HTC to my Dad. Before that, I think I need to move all my old HTC data to my new iPhone 6/6 Plus … […]

How To Build Internal Timber Stairs

Weve compiled a list of all the stair parts needed to build a structurally sound, beautiful timber staircase to be proud of. Stair parts checklist Newel Post The newel post acts as the main support for the handrail and is placed at points of transition on the staircase i.e. bottom, top or when stairs […]

How To Add Topography To Google Maps

21/06/2011 · I've never done this with a google terrain but i have done it with a 3d DWG like this - Select >massing & site tab > topography button. whilst in create topo mode there is a 'create from import' button/dropdown on the contextual modify menu, here you can choose to select (by clicking) your imported geometry or specify points. […]

How To Treat Infected Cut Under Nail

1. first look at the infection and determine how the injury happened in the first place ie a cut or an ingrown nail.. 2. clean the area with hydrogen poroxide and water mixed 50/50. […]

How To Delete Polarity Technologies Ltd From My Pc

All of the search engines created by Polarity Technologies have been labeled as a browser hijacker infection. Consequently, you may find this unreliable search provider on your browser unexpectedly and find it instead of your default homepage and search engine. Although, browser hijacker threats like known for the bothersome browser reroutes and also advertising […]

How To Delete No Empty Blank Cells In Google Sheets

It will delete all the blank rows in a sheet, or the blanks within a range of cells that you select. Or, this add-on lets you hide the blank rows, so you can just see what a sheet looks and works […]

How To Build A Timber Screen Wall

A timber feature wall adds contemporary warmth and texture to any space. Whether residential or commercial, wood makes a statement, provides practical acoustics and is naturally hardwearing. […]

How To Cancel Animation Riven

In this video I'll explain and show you how to animation cancel with Riven in Season 9! - League of Legends S9 Showing you how to do all Riven combo's and - League of Legends S9 Showing you how to do all Riven combo's and […]

How To Clean Copper Piano Strings

Need to clean your steel piano strings?. This piano string cleaner is perfect for removing rust and tarnish from your piano wire. It features a replaceable steel polish end. […]

How To Drink Flaming B 52 Shots

B-52 Irish Cream, Kahlua, Grand Marnier This shot lives up to its name because it feels like a bomb going down, but it is subtle enough to make the girls list because it has a smooth, yet sweet quality. […]

How To Change Signature On Iphone

Whether you have an iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4 or even an iPad, it turns out that its the same basic method for changing the signature, and its part of the confusion around how iOS is designed: many application preferences are only accessible through the Settings app, not within the application itself. […]

How To Create A Barcode Inventory System

G-SMart Link 50 Sage barcode software, is a stock control solution that bolts on to your existing Sage software to create a fully integrated barcode inventory system. All of our Sage stock control software is created in-house by our accredited Sage developers, […]

How To Cook Borrello Bbq Flavoured Spare Ribs

It’s my take on Korean BBQ Spare Ribs and it’s all about Flavor! These ribs are way different than your traditional BBQ ribs. In place of a dry rub I use a marinade to season the meat, and at the very end I hit them with a Spicy-Sweet Korean BBQ glaze. […]

How To Buy Shinkansen Tickets Online

The JR East Shinkansen Reservation office is the only one with an English version that allows online booking. However, you can only book Shinkansen and Limited Express trains running on the JR East network, that is to say Tokyo, the Northern part of Japan and the Narita Express. […]

How To Change Keyboard Configuration

Keyboard configuration. To configure the keyboard, you have to install keyboard-configuration. The package console-setup is also needed. The keyboard settings are stored in /etc/default/keyboard file. It's provided by keyboard-configuration package, and other packages use this information in order to configure the keyboard on the console or in X Window System. You can change your keyboard […]

How To Close Account Commonwealth

Close navigation. Support. Accounts & billing / Manage Account / Account Access. How do I transfer or cancel an account in the event of a death? We understand that losing a loved one is often a difficult time, so we are here to make cancelling or transferring their Telstra services as simple as possible. How to notify us . Phone 1800 353 708 and when prompted say 'Bereavement support' Fill in […]

How To Delete Instagram Account If You Forgot Your Password

If you still have access to the email account you’ve registered with Instagram, you can get your account back by requesting a password reset. Just request a new password for your account by tapping the Forgot Password? link on the login screen. […]

How To Catch Sea Bass

Black sea bass are found along the Atlantic Coast of the United States from Cape Cod to Florida. Learn about bass fishing the pros at […]

How To Connect Speakers To Sound Blaster Z

1/10/2016 Recently got a new computer with a Sound Blaster Z soundcard, and a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 headphones. Trying to get the best sound possible by tweaking the settings a bit in the Sound Blaster Z-Series Control Panel. When I have the settings put to "Speakers" mode, sound […]

How To Connect Macbook To Airplay Speakers

To send AirPlay audio from an app you’re using on your iOS device to your HomePod, just open the app, tap the AirPlay icon when playing a video, then select a speaker. Feel free to share your favorite HomePod tips in the comment section. […]

How To Clean Your Brain

Worse, you can't shut down your brain because you feel you might have missed something important. It doesn't have to escalate to the point at which you head home to snap at your kids and yell at […]

How To Answer Calls On Zte Quartz

While on a call, check the screen, make sure you aren't on mute. Also, are you using a case on your phone? Maybe that's blocking the mic. Also, are you using a … […]

How To Clean Keurig Water Reservoir

Hi Diane, Yes, you can use distilled vinegar to descale it as well. Here are steps: Empty your water reservoir and fill it with distilled vinegar to the Max Fill line. […]

How To Build A Silent Gaming Pc

I have been using my laptop for work and casual gaming. It's been working fine, however, I feel like it's time to invest on a PC with more processing power. […]

How To Change Username Ps4

HI, I'm trying to change accounts on my PS4 Foxtel app. I can't access the username/email to change the detail. When i try to log in to the old account online to deregister the device, I get the account deactivated -reactivate option but can't access the device list without paying.. aaaarrrrgggghhh! […]

How To Choose A Saint Name For Confirmation Quiz

Choosing a Confirmation Name In the Catholic Church, we have a tradition of taking the name of a saint for our own Confirmation name. The saint whose name we choose serves as an inspiration to us in living out our Christian faith. […]

How To Draw Cartoon Characters Videos

How to Draw Cartoon Animals. Learn to draw with renowned illustrator and animator, Paris Christou! Dual-Delivery Method... CartoonSmart is now sporting two delivery methods for your training. You can stream the videos to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone OR use our original delivery method: zip files containing the course videos and assets. Either way youve got the same great HD video […]

How To Clean A Glass Bong Without Alcohol

How to Clean Your Bong, Bowl or Pipe. How To Clean Dirty Bongs And Pipes 48 Place your dirty bowl or glass pipe in a re-sealable Ziploc bag and pour rubbing alcohol on it. You dont need a whole lot. Its sufficient if the piece is completely submerged. If you want to clean a bong, its best to pour the rubbing alcohol into your bong. Close your bag or cover the holes of your bong […]

How To Add Entries To Calendar On Mac

Notes: If you have a shared calendar selected in the navigation pane, new items you create will be saved in that calendar. To remove another user's shared calendar from your navigation pane, right-click the folder, and then click Remove from View. […]

How To Cancel Tinder Plus Membership

Tinder. Likes You is part of Tinder's new ~exclusive~ members-only feature called Tinder Gold. In addition to the Likes You feature, you also get "five Super Likes every day, one Boost per month […]

How To Connect A Button To A Fading Door

17/08/2013 · In this video I will teach/show you how to make a fading door in DarkRP with both a button and a keypad. Nothing too complex in the video so even if … […]

How To Add To A Key Value Collection Swift

For more on using this and other iPad Pro features, check out "Building iPad Pro features in Swift". #100 Combining values with functions 😎 Here's a cool function that combines a value with a function to return a closure that captures that value, so that it can be called without any arguments. […]

How To Close Down Tabs On Your Mac Air

If you have a MacBook, a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air just close the lid and it goes to sleep. If you have a desktop Mac in your home, like an iMac, you can just walk away and let it go to sleep or use a hot corner to turn the display off. […]

How To Buy Condoms In Uae

BUY IT HERE. Flavored condoms are ideal for oral sex. If you're going to put it in your mouth, it might as well taste good. Avoid the bland taste of regular latex and protect yourself against STDs […]

How To Create A Will In Pa

Soft pretzels made in Pennsylvania Dutch country are larger, softer and chewier than the pretzels available in ballparks or from street vendors in Philadelphia. The pretzels are usually served with mustard. This recipe makes 15 to 20 pretzels. Mix the brown sugar, salt and 2 1/4 cups of warm but not […]

How To Cook Kale On Stove

Turn leafy kale into crisp chips with a tiny bit of oil and a hot oven. Seriously, that's all it takes (salt is optional). Get the recipe for Baked Kale Chips here. […]

Mediums How To Build Your Power Up

Build up to your target level of stamina gradually. Any attempt to improve your stamina through exercise should be approached somewhat gradually - try to do too much too early, and you may exhaust yourself or give up. […]

How To Cook Fish Fillet Cream Dory

8/04/2011 · Cream dory gets cooked pretty fast and steaming the fish longer than is required is not really good. When cooked, plate the fish in your favorite serving dish. When cooked, plate the fish in your favorite serving dish. […]

How To Clean Ac Evaporator Fan

The evaporator coils also remove some of the moisture from the air, which is turned into condensation that runs out of the air conditioner and into a drain pan. However, ice can sometimes form on evaporator coils for a variety of reasons, such as dirty condenser coils or blower fan blades. Preventing ice on an evaporator coil is fairly simple and can be accomplished through some basic maintenance. […]

How To Add Debit Card To Ps4

26/11/2007 When it says to add credit card information, it's basically the same information as a debit card. And when you make purchases by using the debit card on the Playstation Store, it will be taken out of your checking account and it wont be treated like a credit card […]

How To Clear Codes Without A Scanner

29/12/2012 · Take the truck to Autozone and use their scanner for free to erase codes. I can't reset DTC's on my 2003 either by unhooking the battery. I can't reset DTC's on … […]

How To Create A Fltered List In Excel

How Can I Rank Within A Filtered List In Excel? - Id like to have a dynamic report that ranks my lists... - Free Excel Help Ok, guys, new to this forum and I need some help with a business invoice. I know how to create a drop down list. But what I want to do is create a Drop-Down list with customers names, say cell A11. After selecting a customer name from the list, It would be able to […]

How To Become A Cuddle Carer Gold Coast

Active Living Health & Wellbeing In Home Support. With more than 30 years experience, CURA is well known and regarded for its role in helping people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds connect with the local community and have equal access to appropriate health and wellbeing services. […]

How To Write A Choose Your Own Adventure Book

10/09/2018 · If your artifact is based from a real object (city of El Dorado, Atlantis, Golden Fleece, etc.) research the history of the object and create your own based from it, add your own … […]

Twiggy Sticks How To Eat

29/09/2012 · How to Eat Satay By Leela on September 29, 2012 in She Drizzles and Smears , She Explores , She Grills , She Rants and Muses , She Thais Not too long ago, as I was sitting all alone at table number 10 in the middle of one of my favorite places in … […]

How To Connect Obd2 To Car

To connect your OBD system to the PC you need an interface. Although the On Board Diagnostics are standard across cars, the interface isn't: you need to buy an interface that matches your vehicle. You connect the interface between the car's 16-pin diagnostic port and, if you plan to use Windmill software, to the computer's COM port. (You may need a USB-serial converter if your computer is […]

How To Build A Drainage Ditch With River Rock

Rock Drainage Drainage Ditch Yard Drainage Landscaping Ideas River Rock Landscaping Landscaping With Rocks Backyard Landscaping Dog Backyard Downspout Ideas Forward River Rock Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Landscape - Landscape Ideas Tips […]

How To Create A Timeline Powerpoint

Create Timeline On Powerpoint create a timeline fice support create a timeline the insert tab click smartart in the choose a smartart graphic gallery click process and then double click a timeline layout tip there are two timeline smartart graphics basic timeline and circle accent timeline but you can also use almost any process smartart graphic. […]

How To Change Downlights To Led

Make the change to LED Eco Lighting and start saving. LED Downlights. List Grid. Show: Sort By: DLM1230 - Mini LED Downlight . Miniature LED downlight fittings are so small that they can fit into places where it is not possible.. DLM1250 - Mini LED Downlight . Miniature LED downlight fittings are so small that they can fit into places where it is not possible.. […]

How To Call Father Christmas

Whether you call him Santa, St. Nick, or Father Christmas, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Father Christmas lives and works in Lapland. But this is isn’t true to the good people of the United States. Actually, not only is it not true, but most Americans will think you’ve been at the eggnog again if the word “Lapland” leaves your mouth. To them, Santa’s true home is the North […]

How To Clean Install Android On Pixel

Because while flashing this Android 8.1.0 Oreo factory image on your Google Pixel 2 your entire data will be wiped clean. If you are interested in updating your own Google Pixel 2 Smartphone to Android 8.1.0 Oreo official factory images then go ahead and follow the given steps. […]

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